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Queer Taiwan: Episode 1 - Back to the Start

Queer Taiwan: Episode 1 - Back to the Start 1/4


30m Taiwan 2018


The stories that come from the heart, everyone will listen to them.
The animosity between the Equality Bees and the Family Guardian Coalition has worsened since the passing of the marriage equality bill. The supporters of the bill cannot accept the opposers’ views, and the latter seem unwilling to respect LGBT rights. In the end, what are they fighting for? As the struggle continues, the cause is starting to take a toll on everyone’s life and morals. The only solution left is to go back to a time when we did not label each other, a time when we can all finally calm and sit down and listen to each other’s views. In the first episode of “Queer Taiwan,” the hosts interview representatives from both sides, including the founder of the Equality Bees Fan Gan-hao, the pro-equality activist Lin Yu-ting, the pro-LGBTQIA-rights reverend Chen Si-hao, the anti-LGBTQIA reverend Zhao Pei-feng, who has often confronted with the Equality Bees in public, the young representative of the Taiwan Family Union Chien Mong-hsuan, and Jovi, who already has her own lesbian family and a child. Straight families were also invited to share their points of view.

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