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About a Father
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About a Father

O Otci

29m Czech Republic 2017


Sixty-year old Jindrich is waiting for a heart transplant. His wife, in an effort to protect him from a heart attack, has moved with him and their teenage daughter to their cottage in the countryside, so that he would have an absolutely peaceful life. But their son David comes for a holiday and he is not alone. He would like to discuss his life situation with his father but his mother intervenes as she is afraid that it would upset his father. Is, however, the worry about his health the real reason why she is making her children lie to their father?


Country: Czech Republic
Language: Czech
Director: Roman Nemec
Cast: Alena Mihulová, Antonín Procházka, Jirí Vojta
Awards: Connecticut LGBT Film Festival 2017 - Best Short Film, Korea Queer Film Festival 2017 - KQFF Choice Award, Milledgeville Film Festival 2017 - Best International Film


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