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Service Regulations

Thank you for choosing GagaOOLala online subscription streaming service (from here on out “our service”). When you register as a member of our service and use it, it is regarded as that you have fully browsed, understood and agreed to follow the regulations of our service. All the content will be part of the agreement that you and Portico Media Co. have set up.

1. Membership Management

Our service is a membership system. Before using our service, you have to create a membership account (referred as “subscription membership” in the following content) and activate the 10-day-free-trial immediately, or upgrade as a paying member to enjoy the unlimited viewing functions. Non-subscribed membership users can browse the official website of our service and access the synopsis and other relevant film content. You will not be charged for this. Portico Media preserve the rights to fix or change our service regulations accord to necessities at any time. Previous content could be replaced and subsequently announced on the official website of our service. Portico Media will not inform of the changes to each member separately.

When you use our service, you should notice the fixations and changes of the relevant content. If you continue to use our service after any fixation or change, it will be regarded as that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the complete relevant fixations and changes. If you do not agree with the fixations and upgrades of our service or do not accept any other regulation of our service, you should stop to use our service immediately.

2. Service Introduction

We break the limitations of distance and time to bring the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival online, allowing the audience to watch great LGBT films all around the world through computers/mobiles. Our service is compatible with computers (PC/Mac), smartphones (iPhone/Android) and tablets (iPad/Android) and Smart TVs. Our service provides multi-screen playing function. Members can log in on multiple devices at the same time and allow different devices to continue playing paused streaming content, but the streaming content cannot be played on different devices at the same time. The website is open for registrations. The date of the launching of our official mobile app will be announced on our website.

3. Service Items

10-day-free-trial (one for each membership account).
The 10-day-free-trial is activated after registering as a member. Members can have unlimited access to all the films within the 10-day-availability. After the 10-day-free-trial is due, the system will activate the monthly payment. Members can also immediately upgrade to paying memberships during 10-day-free-trial and watch all the films from the website. Once upgraded as a paying member, the 10-day-free-trial-availability will be terminated.

Coupons (one for each membership account and cannot be used during the free-trial). Portico Media will cooperate with other companies every now and then to give out “coupons” to certain consumer groups. Users can enter the serial number of a coupon accordingly when they register as members for the first time, including the symbol [-]. You can access to our service in the 15-day-limitation. If you wish to use the full-function-service, you can upgrade as a paying member at any time and only start to pay after the trial expired. Please notice that coupons can only be used in first subscriptions. It is not valid for persons who already have subscription membership accounts.

  1. Monthly Charge

    During the period as a paying member, you can select any film from the library in our service and access unlimited viewing. Watching time starts from the day that the payment is completed. You will be pre-charged for the following month. If a user does not require to end the service, the user will be charged automatically for the following month on the day when a monthly service is due. For example, if a user purchased the service on November 5th, 2016, the service would be due on December 4th, 2016, and the automatic payment day for the following month would occur on December 5th, 2016.

    Regular monthly fee is 250TWD (about 7.99USD). Special offer price is 199TWD (about 6.99USD). The fee is charged in Taiwanese Dollars. The exchange rate depends on your credit card bank. Members can provide their credit card information and complete the first subscription when registering as a member. The automatic payment will continue until the service is ended. If a member needs to change the appointed credit card account or cancel our service, the member can inform customer service at any time to change the information, and the termination of the subscription will be effective since the next payment day.

    Portico Media preserves the rights to change the subscription fees or any other way to charge. The former content will be replaced, and the changes will be announced on the official website.

  2. Electronic Invoice

    Taiwanese consumers:
    Portico Media issues electronic invoices and will not mail an invoice on paper. If you wish to get two-copy-invoices or three-copy-invoices on paper (VAT required), please contact customer service at 02-2701-9901 and request it.

    Overseas consumers:
    We issue electronic invoices for National Taxation Bureau for future references and will not mail invoices on paper directly. Please mail us to require for receipt if needed.

4. Service Range

All the content of our service (including but not limited to the trailers, featurettes or short films) can only be streamed and played in the region of Taiwan (including Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu) and Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. All for personal use only.

5. Customer Service

If you encounter any malfunctions when using our service, please contact customer service at +886-2-2701-9901 or contact us through emails (

6. Member Obligations

Our service collects great films about multiple different sexual orientations from all over the world. Streaming content includes partial violence, sex and the use of inappropriate language. Your age should be above 18 years old to subscribe to our service. Minors under 18 years old can only use our service or watch the streaming content provided by our service under the supervision of their parents or legal advocates.

When you choose to watch content with an age limitation, you have to be over 18 years old to continue to watch and be responsible of whether the content is suitable to be displayed to minors.

Portico Media hereby declares to dismiss all responsibilities related to watching the streaming content provided by our service. They include but are not limited to the related responsibilities to provide minors with any streaming content.

You should fill in the the application form with the correct and complete information when you subscribe as a member. If you provide wrong or false information, Portico Media has the right to disable or terminate your account and prevent you from using our service.

Your membership account is for personal use only, and you can only use our service, our software and streaming content according to the regulations. You shall not replicate, spread, sell stream it publicly or provide it to a third party to use in any other way.

You have the responsibility to keep and secure your membership login information. If any login situation without your authorization occurred, please make sure to contact us. Portico media does not hold any responsibility for any unauthorized activities.

When you use our service, you can stream, issue, share or upload content on the official website of our service or in our software. It includes but not limited to words, pictures and streaming content. You guarantee the content that you provide is all created by yourself and does not violate intellectual property rights of others and allow Portico Media to use and authorize others to use the content freely.

7. Membership Privacy Protections

The login or saved personal information or any other specific information (e.g. trading information) is managed accord to “Computer Processing of Personal Data Protection Act” and other related lawful regulations.

You agree that we can record, preserve and use the information and records that you save in our service with the purposes of providing marketing, market analysis, calculation or research or provide personal services for members or adding-value service made by Portico Media and our strategy partners. We can also publish or use statistic information without revealing each member’s personal information.

8. Delivery of Electronic News and EDM

After you join as a member, it is regarded as that you have agreed to Portico Media sending out electronic news or merchandise info (EDM) to your registered email address. If you wish to submit, remove your submission or change the submitting content of the electronic news and EDM, you can inquire or change it in “Membership Center”.

9. The Declaration of Service Termination and Free of Duty

Portico Media operates GagaOOLala in ways and techniques that are generally considered reasonable. But in the following situations, we have the right to disable, interrupt or refuse to provide the whole or parts of our service and free ourselves from the duty to inform. Portico Media holds no obligations to refund or compensate for any direct or collateral damages to the users:

  1. When the related software and hardware equipment of our service is being moved, replaced, upgraded or repaired;
  2. Any violation of the law or regulations from users;
  3. Service terminations or interruptions that are caused by natural disasters or other inevitable reasons;
  4. Service terminations or interruptions that are caused by reasons that Portico Media cannot be held responsible;
  5. When the situations are beyond Portico Media’s reach and result in incorrections of the information of our service, or to be forged, changed, deleted, taken, system failure or malfunction;
  6. Defamatory, offensive or harmful words occurred or other content that is contrary to public order and good morals when using text messages or other electronic message transmitting services, Portico Media holds the right to refuse providing services.
  7. Situations occurred to make Portico Media to consider the necessity to end or terminate our service.
  8. With predictable software and hardware maintenance plans that might lead to system terminated or disabled, Portico Media will announce as soon as possible on the official website before it occurs.
    Our service only offers existed items, functions and present status at the time of providing services and do not hold the responsibilities to guarantee, promise or compensate damages.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

All the content on the software, programs or website that our service uses, including but not limited to the streaming content, text, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, the arrangement of website images and website design, besides specific notifications from Portico Media; the intellectual property rights are legally owned by Portico Media and other rightful parties, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, commercial secrecy and exclusive technologies.

No one is allowed to use, change, reproduce, publicly broadcast, reenact, spread, distribute, process reduct, deconstruct or reverse engineer it. Anyone who attempts to use or repost software, programs etc., as previously mentioned, will have to get agreements on documents from Portico Media legally.

11. Responsibility Base and Damage Compensations

When using our service, all the data records in the using process are recorded in the vault of our service. If any dispute occurs, both parties will present each own electronic data records with the most sincerity to the court or a just third party to be confirmed.

If you violate any of the regulations or related legal rules leading to damages and expenses (including but not limited to transportation fees, processing fees, litigation fees and attorney fees) for Portico Media and related perform auxiliary, you should hold the responsibilities to compensate.

12. The Effectiveness of the Contract, Applicable Law and Jurisdiction of Courts

In the contract, when the whole or parts of the treaty are not effective, it does not affect the effectiveness of other agreements. If the consent is not finished, explanations, supplements and managements will be made accord to the Republic of China Laws.

The rights and obligations between you and Portico Media are noted in the contract. If any dispute occurs, both parties should hold the most sincerity and resolve it in the principle of honesty, credibility, equality and mutual benefit. Both parties also agree to see Taipei District Courts in Taiwan as the jurisdiction of the court of first instance.