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On the Way Home
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On the Way Home


1h30m Taiwan 2015


A-Min, 42 years old, is quiet and reserved. He is a delivery worker at a fish market in Tainan. He is secretly gay and has never been out of the closet. His wife Xiaohui who was young and already pregnant when they met took off after giving birth to her daughter Xiaofeng. A-min and Xiaofeng had been only relying on each other ever since. After Xiaofeng turned 16, A-Min started to be aware of the isolation of Xiaofeng. Before he can even find out why, Xiaofeng has gone missing…


Country: Taiwan
Language: MandarinMin Nan
Director: Liao Shih Han
Awards: 2015 Golden Bell Awards TV Film Award, TV Film Director Award, TV Movie Supporting Actress Award, TV Movie Screenplay Award nomination, 2015 Golden Bell Awards TV Movie Actor Award

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