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The Long Goodbye
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The Long Goodbye


1h27m Taiwan 2016


"You... have your father's eyes."

Residing in the United States, Yucheng goes back to Taiwan to conduct his best friend Xiong Qing's funeral service and helps Xiong's daughter Bao-er to escape from the sex trade. To honor his promise to Xiong, Yucheng takes the unfinished trip and brings Bao-er along. On the last night of the trip, as Bao-er offers herself to Yucheng, the young girl learns a shocking truth from her companion...


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Hsu Li-da
Awards: Golden Bell Awards 2017 - TV Movie Award, TV Movie Director Award, Miniseries / TV Movie Teleplay Award, Photography Award, Golden Bell Awards 2017 - Miniseries / TV Movie Leading Actor Award, Leading Actress Award, Supporting Actress Award, Editing Award Nominations

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