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Gym Come True : Girl Power Bootcamp
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Gym Come True : Girl Power Bootcamp

超激健身房 - 女力特訓營

24m Taiwan 2020


Calling all the strong women and weak girls who love a good workout! In this special episode, Chiachin is paired with the ultra-popular internet celebrity female couple Rabbit and Wolf to try out street parkour. The street ninja Messy, our coach, will lead Rabbit and Wolf to push their own limits and challenge her difficult parkour training plan and workout techniques. Although Rabbit and Wolf are exhausted to their core, under Chiachin's close monitoring, they still won't forget to display some sweet PDA. This time, Rabbit and Wolf will try to prove against their "walking allergies" and battle one another, showing how women workout with humor, love, and willpower.

Follow Our Favorite Parkour Coach Messy:
IG: messy_lin; YouTube: Messy Lin; FB: Messy parkour

Follow Our Own Weak-ass Hosts:
Chiachin (IG: @iam_chiachin)
Rabbit & Wolf (IG: @colorfulinsideus)


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yvette Chou

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