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Recommendations from Director of "Small Talk"

“As Taiwan is intensively fighting for marriage equality at the moment, “Kiki” brings a very important reminder. That is if we want to pursue a truly better and more friendly environment for everyone, this movement will not be fulfilled after same-sex marriage is legalized. We will still have many things to work on. Because no matter how big the power of love is, it can never change the difficulties of survival.” – Film director Huang Hui-chen

Huang Hui-chen’s first documentary feature “Small Talk” represented Taiwan at Berlin Film Festival this year and impressed the world. It won the Teddy Award for Best Documentary. We are honored to invite the director to choose a few of her recommended documentaries which introducing the daily lives of LGBT persons and showing their true selves.

“Small Talk” unveils the unspeakable truth from the director to her mother which had laid in her heart for decades. It also truthfully presents the unchangeable Taiwanese traditional society that causes many regrets in a family.

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