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LGBTQ Comedy Selection

Unconventional LGBTQ Comedies for Good Laughs Throughout This April.

There are not only misery and sadness in LGBTQ films but also many great comedies that make you laugh. While you are joking around with family and dear friends, GagaOOLala selects LGBTQ films from all around the world and makes you laugh out loud throughout the whole April. Like “Friends” meets “Sex and the City”, “The Skinny” follows a group of LGBTQ friends who run into a series of crazy events during their adventures in the metropolitan; “A Most Strange Wedding” tells the story of a man must choose his ‘Mr. Right’ from three attractive men in order to inherit his father’s fortunes; “Different from Whom” catches the gay equal rights topic and is about a gay man who runs for the mayor and fights for LGBTQ rights in a conservative town until he accidentally falls in love with his right hand ‘woman.’ These unconventional LGBTQ comedies can make you laugh while focusing on LGBTQ issues.

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