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The must-see movie list by Urban Nomad Film fest

Queer Cinema has become a very important part of public queer discourse, because it can do so many things well: express feelings of queer love which do not surface in mainstream cinema, offer ideas about queer identity, reinforce notions of a queer community, support queer rights political issues, and so much more. This is all very important within the queer community, but it is also an extremely important channel for communicating queer concerns to non-queer communities. In other words, queer film is a way for the mainstream to learn about queer concerns and realize, for example, that issues of queer rights are also larger issues of human rights.

I'm personally a big fan of informative, entertaining documentaries, so within the GagaOOLala film catalogue, I'm happy to recommend: Regarding Susan Sontag, Seed Money, L'amour Fou and Rock Hudson, Dark and Handsome Stranger as great bio-docs. Positive Youth is a short issue-oriented doc about young people with HIV. There is also a large selection of extremely engaging dramas. Thanatos, Drunk by Taiwanese director Chang Tso-chi and How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) would stand out in any film collection, queer or not. And there are plenty of fun shorts, like Love Wars and Flamingo Pride. Whether these films are specifically about the queer experience, or just happen to be queer, they're entertaining, informative and certainly make for good viewing.

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