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1h35m Hong Kong/China 2012


A young westerner was found naked at a riverbank near a remote area in Southern China. He wakes in a state of speechlessness but he feels a mutual yet peculiar familiarity with the nursing assistant, Jiang. In order not to have him sent to the mental asylum, Jiang saved him and brought him to the village where his uncle resides. The slow unfolding of the past events made Jiang discovered his muteness is related to a man he was once deeply in love with.

""Speechless boasts a solid and sensitive screenplay that allows Chung’s visual language as a director to shine through.""-Black Sheep Reviews


Country: Hong KongChina
Language: MandarinEnglish
Director: Simon Chung
Awards: BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2012, Fire!! Mostra Lambda Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2012, Asian Queer Film Festival, Japan 2013

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