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The Shortest Distance is Round (Blanc)
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The Shortest Distance is Round (Blanc)


18+ Restricted
1h10m Japan 2019


Haruto is a freshman and a loner high school student until the arrival of the new teacher Aoyama. Aoyama cares for Haruto and starts to exchange letters with him, as something more grows inside both of them. But one night, an unexpected kiss ends their beautiful relationship. Three years later, Haruto has become a male prostitute in order to pay back his debts, when he reunites with Aoyama by chance. How will Haruto face his feelings for Aoyama when given a second chance? Should it be 'noir' or should it be 'blanc'? Two versions. Two completely different fates.

Look for The Shortest Distance is Round (Noir) on GagaOOLala to enjoy a completely ending for the film. (The two versions differ in the last 15 minutes)

* ภาพยนตร์เรื่องนี้มีคำบรรยายภาษาไทย เพื่ออรรถรสในการรับชมอย่าลืมเปิดคำบรรยายภาษาไทย
* Film ini tersedia dengan teks Bahasa Indonesia


Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Director: Yamauchi Daisuke

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