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Gay Art Seeking a Home
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Gay Lesbian Arts and Literature Europe

Gay Art Seeking a Home

Arte gay busca casa

18+ Restricted Exclusive
50m Spain 2012


In 2005 the NGO Cultural Association Visible in Madrid begins to create a collection of gay-themed art (LGBT), with works donated by artists from around the world. The Visible Collection contains more than four thousand works of artists from thirty countries, what's making it in one of the world's largest of its kind, and now is looking for a space to be displayed. The documentary tells the story of how a project was realized that only seven years ago seemed impossible and now is looking for a "home", a museum to house the collection of a stable way and protect it from inclement weather and the vagaries of history and politics.


Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Director: Ione Hernández
Actor: Pablo Peinado, David Trullo, Abajo Izquierdo
Awards: Seville European Film Festival 2012


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