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End of Love
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End of Love


18+ Restricted
1h35m Hong Kong 2009


Following his mother's agonizing death, Ming rents a room owned by Cyrus, a rent boy that leads Ming into a life of decadence. Yan, Ming’s lover who can’t bear to see Ming live the way he does, takes action to put an end to his debauchery. With the support of a fellow inmate, Keung, Ming manages to survive the rehabilitation centre. Upon being released, Ming moves in with Keung, only to face yet another emotional challenge…

""A simple drama about a young man trying to find his own footing vis-a-vis personal morality and the capacity for emotional connection.""-Elizabeth Kerr, The Hollywood Reporter

* ภาพยนตร์เรื่องนี้มีคำบรรยายภาษาไทย เพื่ออรรถรสในการรับชมอย่าลืมเปิดคำบรรยายภาษาไทย
* Film ini tersedia dengan teks Bahasa Indonesia


Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Director: Simon Chung
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2009, Rainbow Reel Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2009, Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival 2009

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