Queer Taiwan: Episode 2 - My Own Stage - 2/4 - Originals - GagaOOLala - Find Your Story

Queer Taiwan: Episode 2 - My Own Stage

Queer Taiwan: Episode 2 - My Own Stage 2/4


30m Taiwan 2018


The stories that come from the heart, everyone will listen to them.
There are men who have jumped out of their gender boundaries and embraced "drag" all over Taiwan. But every drag queen sees this art differently: some are proud of being drag queens, some see drag shows as a profession and, then, there is a group of youngsters who do not want to be categorized. They just want to get rid of all definitions, put on makeup and become the shiniest dancer on the stage. People interviewed in this episode include Magnolia who moved from the UK to Taiwan for love, stage designer Alvin, young stylish drag queen Fei Fan who is looking for a venue of her own, the dance crew Slutty Pomi whose performances heat up the crowd every single time, and Angelala, a drag queen pioneer in Taiwan. As different as they all seem their lives are all driven by the same dream of glitter on the stage.

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