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Sodom's Cat Interview 1: Lee Hsien-Heng

Sodom's Cat Interview 1: Lee Hsien-Heng 1/5

索多瑪的貓 專訪1:李憲衡

3m Taiwan 2018


"Sodom's Cat" explores the aftermath of a gay-men orgy party, and their struggle to overcome loneliness in the contemporary city.

In gay men's culture, body types are associated with animals. Each of the five characters represents a different one: Uncle, played by Lee Hsien-Heng, is a bear. L, played by Hsu Yu-Ting, is a peacock. Rod, played by Ark Zheng, is a wolf. Duke, played by Joe Black Chou, is a dog, and Sun, played by Wu Chih-To, is a cat. How do these animals interact with each other?

The five actors share how they got into their animals's kin and the rehearsal prior shooting the orgy scene. Meet these five men and adventure into the wildness of Sodom, the city of desire.

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