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Queer Asia - Philippines: Episode 2 - Positive
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Queer Asia - Philippines: Episode 2 - Positive 2/3

酷兒亞洲—菲律賓:第二集 陽性+的正能量

20m Philippines 2018


Positive does not only refer to the HIV status of Rogeselle and Johnson. It also refers to how they see their condition in a positive way. Rogeselle Monton is a volunteer for a non-governmental organization (NGO) who helps people with HIV/AIDS. On the other hand, Johnson Adora has been newly diagnosed with HIV and is struggling to overcome the AIDS status to live a normal life together with a supportive partner. They provide dynamic personalities and different perspectives to the frightening numbers regarding the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Philippines.


Country: Philippines
Language: English, Filipino
Director: Joselito Altarejos
Cast: Rogeselle Monton, Johnson Adora


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