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Queer Asia - Hong Kong: Episode 3 - Our Hong Kong
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Queer Asia - Hong Kong: Episode 3 - Our Hong Kong 3/4

酷兒亞洲—香港:第三集 屬於他們的香港

30m Hong Kong 2018


Diversity is intrinsic to Hong Kong. Yet, at the same time, there is an important gap between the different communities. A group of foreigners living in Hong Kong seek to know more about each culture and connect the different communities together. Marty is the main person behind this initiative. He has a perfect family and shares with us his journey immigrating to Hong Kong with his partner and son. The episode also introduces the success of the "Gay Games 2022" application and the consequences for the city. Marty is also the founder of "Rainbow Family" , an organization that helps different communities build their own family. During a forum for "Rainbow Family," he introduces a Filipino lesbian director Cha. She shares her life story with her daughter, showing the world that children can grow up happily with two mothers. Lastly, the founder of "Out in HK" Dennis explains the reasons why he used sports to bring change to the LGBTQ community in Hong Kong.


Country: Hong Kong
Language: English
Director: Gan Li Ling
Cast: Marty Forth, Dennis Philipse, Solomon Luk, Donald Tsim, Mark Thomsen, Abby Lee, Cha Roque, Kelsey

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