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Honey Sir Episode 1

Honey Sir Episode 1 1/7


15m China 2020


Episode 1: Coming Out
Why do two people need someone else’s consent to love each other?” Chinese net celebrities Tu-do-Chun-yi-lang and Jun-yuan-bai are a pair of gay lovers who are planning to come out to their families. Their plans seem just a little away with the fairies; can their dreams of becoming ‘a family’ come true?

Blued’s original web series of the year. With a total of 7 episodes, Honey Sir is a brand new rom-com series brought to you by the creators of Mr. X and I. The plot is based on the 7 real-life Chinese gay love stories; from a secret crush to puppy love, coming out to starting a family, the show promises to deliver non-stop laughter and tears. Featuring 7 pairs of gorgeous men, the series has the potential of becoming a modern Chinese BL classic.

Subtitles:English、Español、Bahasa Indonesia、繁體中文、简体中文、ภาษาไทย


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