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How to Survive a Plague
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How to Survive a Plague

How to Survive a Plague

1h25m USA 2012


Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature, IMDb 7.6 high score, Rotten Tomatoes 97% high rating!

"How To Survive A Plague" is the untold story of the efforts that turned AIDS into a mostly manageable condition – and the improbable group of young men and women who, with no scientific training, infiltrated government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, and helped identify promising new compounds, moving them through trials and into drugstores in record time. These drugs saved their lives and ended the darkest days of the epidemic, while virtually emptying AIDS wards in American hospitals.

These activists’ efforts created a paradigm for patient empowerment and health care activism that has since been replicated in the fight against many other diseases from breast cancer to heart disease. And as AIDS spread to Africa, India, and Asia, these activists helped open local groups, exporting AIDS activism to press for better, and more accessible, treatment.

Their story stands as a powerful inspiration to future generations, a road map of activism, and a call to arms. This is how you change the world.

"This inspirational, unexpectedly hilarious film is a patchwork of archival footage that takes us up to the present day."-Charlotte O'Sullivan, London Evening Standard


Country: USA
Language: English
Director: David France
Awards: Academy Awards 2013 - Best Documentary Feature Nomination, Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2014, Boston Society of Film Critics 2012 - Best Documentary, Sundance Film Festival 2012

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