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【Dec.9】Working Beks
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【Dec.9】Working Beks

Working Beks

1h52m Philippines 2016


★Their story is our story.

Working Beks is a contemporary, urban and bitchy comedy about a day in the life of five men of varying levels of “gayness”, age, temperament, class and predicament. Their lives are interconnected through affinity, geography, consequence or coincidence. On this chosen day of their lives, all of them have to make a crucial decision that will change the courses of their career, love life, health, finances and destiny. They are all beks. And they all work hard for the money. Working Beks promises to be a fun, brisk, punchline after punchline comedy with a big heart. It’s fun with a serious bite. And its big, gay, hard-working heart will always be at the right place.

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