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Gym Come True : Brutal Bootcamp Episode 5 Finale

Gym Come True : Brutal Bootcamp Episode 5 Finale 5/5

超激健身房 - 野戰特訓營 第5集

24m Taiwan 2020


Handsome AF internationally certified trainer Willy is here! Chiachin and Hahatai's Weak Boi Gold welcome this piece of delicious and professional meat with both arms as they move their body along with Mr. Willy-the-Steamy.

This new season presents a whole new experience of street workout with fun and games. With Chiachin as host paired with Weak Boi Gold (from Hahatai) and Angelabody, they will be coached by all the best fitness trainers and male models. We've invited our national boyfriend and male model Roger (Lin Yizeng), sweetheart model Bruce (Guyi), internationally-certified coach Willy Lee, fresh meat coach Brad, and popular bodybuilding champion Rocky. Through the fun fitness classes and cutthroat games, Chiachin and Weak Boi Gold and Angelabody will challenge one another to a workout battle of who can win the coach's heart under the intimate guidance of those boyfriend material coaches.

Follow Our Favorite Hot, Steamy Coaches:
Coach Willy (IG: @willy313227)
National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM- Internationally Certified Coach
Willy's Training Blog:

Follow Our Own Weak-ass Hosts:
Chiachin (IG: @iam_chiachin)
Gold (IG:


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yvette Chou

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