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HIStory: MY HERO Episode 1

HIStory: MY HERO Episode 1 1/4

HIStory系列:MY HERO Episode 1

20m Taiwan 2017


The careless Grim Reaper collects the wrong soul. Instead of taking a guy's soul, he takes a girl's. He tries to hide it from his superiors and make the girl alive again to go back to her boyfriend, but they find out that the girl's body has been cremated. The girl goes to the guy whose soul was suppose to be collected and possesses his body. But she can never tell anyone or she'll die for sure, and her boyfriend will die with her, too. She has to make her boyfriend fall in love with her and give her true love's kiss in 7 days to be alive again. But the problem is that she is now a 'he.'


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Tang Yi

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