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Red Balloon Episode 2
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Red Balloon Episode 2 2/8

紅色氣球 第2集

10m Taiwan 2017


Zi-chen is a well-mannered and talented student in the school where his father functions as the chairman of the board. He is the star at school. One day, he hides in his secret quiet corner to enjoy some alone time, until Hsiang-wan shows up. Hsiang-wan keeps bothering Zi-chen all the time and taking pictures of him. When Zi-chen finally gets rid of Hsiang-wan and goes back to the dorms, something unexpected is waiting for him there.


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Hsuei Chen-duo
Actor: Chen Shi-chen, Hsu Tao, Liang Tse, Hsieh Kun-da


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