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Red Balloon
Gay Coming Out Discrimination Family Romance Youth Chinese

Red Balloon 1/8


10m Taiwan 2017


Zi-chen was a hard-studying, responsible student and a basketball team leader. His future was prosperous without a doubt, until he met Hsiang-wan. Hsiang-wan was the kind of person that Zi-chen despises the most, but he began to like Hsiang-wan after a series of events. Finally, Zi-chen braved himself and faced his true feelings. They became a pair of lovers.

Zi-chen's gangster father found out about it and disproved furiously. It was 2003, how could they confront the disapproval of their families, the criticism from classmates and their own struggles? Would they ever conquer all and love each other?


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Hsuei Chen-duo
Actor: Chen Shi-chen, Hsu Tao, Liang Tse, Hsieh Kun-da


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