Rough Beard Episode 1 (7 in total) - 1/7 - Series - GagaOOLala - Find Your Story

Rough Beard Episode 1 (7 in total)

Rough Beard Episode 1 (7 in total) 1/7

Barba Rija Episode 1 (7 in total)

18+ Restricted
10m Portugal 2014


This is the first Portuguese gay web series about bears. It follows the lives of three gay friends,: António, Pedro and Ursão (Big Bear) who live in Lisbon. They work, go out at night and get in romantic adventures. Pedro ended up with his boyfriend and is the group´s lovebird. António is the most rational of the three and has a secret passion. Finally, Big Bear is the strongest, but also the sweetest, who will be surprised with a change in his life. It might look like a soap opera but it´s comedy at its best.

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