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Always My Child
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Always My Child


24m Hong Kong 2011


From Kit Hong, director of "Soundless Wind Chime"
Three conversations between LGBTQ+ children and their parents will bring them closer to each other.

Billy's mom thought Billy was gay when he was young. But as he grew older, she heard that he might be straight and was relieved. Little did she know that Billy would come out to her. Eunice spent four years to be ready to come out to her mom. Will her mom understand more as a teacher? The reaction will surprise her. Bryan likes to dress up as a woman, and he decides to write a mail to let his mom know all about it.

Subtitles:English、Español、Bahasa Indonesia、繁體中文、简体中文


Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Director: Kit Hung
Awards: Beijing Queer Film Festival 2011

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