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Boy Meets Girl
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Bisexual Romance Youth North America Comedy

Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl

1h35m USA 2013


This is a coming of age comedy about three twenty year-olds living in Kentucky: Robby and his best friend since childhood, Ricky, a gorgeous transgender girl, have never dated. Lamenting the lack of eligible bachelors, Ricky considers dating a girl. In walks Francesca, a beautiful young debutante waiting for her Marine fiance to return from the war. Ricky and Francesca strike up a friendship, and maybe a little more, which forces Robby to face his true feelings for Ricky.


Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Eric Schaffer
Cast: Michael Welch, Michelle Hendley, Alexandra Turshen
Awards: FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival 2014 - Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenwriting, Boston LGBT Film Festival 2014, Frameline Film Festival 2014


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