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Love Me, If You Can
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Love Me, If You Can


1h35m Taiwan 2003


Xiao Shan lives in a fishing port. When she is 17, her mom took her to visit 6 fortune-tellers. All of them said she is the reincarnation of Liang Shan Bo, and she will face a vital disaster at her age of 25. It will only be resolved if she could meet her lucky guy. And if she failed to meet her Zhu Ying Tai, they won't meet again any more. However, Xiao Shan had a boyfriend Ah Ben who is working on a ship, so she doesn't take it seriously.

Xiao Ying is a cousin of Xiao Shan, and they didn't meet for years. She was told to work in the marine product shop with Xiao Shan and earn some money to pay the debt of her father. Xiao Ying always believes in heart that there will be a Liang Shan Bo in her life, and it must be her cousin Xiao Shan who look after her since she was a child. As Xiao Ying grew up under the family violence, so she tied all her emotion to Xiao Shan all the time.


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Alice Wang
Awards: Golden Horse Awards 2003 - Best Leading Actress Nomination, Fukuoka Asian Film Festival 2004 - Grand Prix, Taipei Film Festival 2004 - Taipei Film Awards - Best Narrative Film Selection

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