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Mermaid Sauna Episode 1 (8 in total)
Gay Transgender Comedy Romance Chinese

Mermaid Sauna Episode 1 (8 in total) 1/4

美男魚澡堂 第1集 (全8集)

16m Taiwan 2018


The first 2 episodes are available for free. A new episode every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM, with the finale on July 26. A-Bu is an unpopular middle-aged gay guy. He leaves his salesman job after getting his last year-end bonus, and opens a sauna downtown called “Mermaid Sauna.” He tries to clean the sleazy gay sauna image and it soon becomes popular, and A-Bu needs to hire two helpers. One is Flower, a girl in her late twenties troubled with love; the other is a young straight art student Ben who thinks about nothing but sex. After another hectic day, they drink some unknown sake to relax and fall asleep in a bathtub. After waking up, they find out their bodies have switched…


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Hsuei Chen-duo
Cast: Patrick Lee, Lene Lai, Edward Chen


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