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Beat Beat Beat
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Beat Beat Beat

Jetzt Jetzt Jetzt

29m Germany 2013


Late summer in Berlin. The city is pulsating and friends Fabian, Bene, and Richard are wandering aimlessly through the big urban jungle. Against Fabian's quiet protest, the friends ridicule outsider Jakob. The aggression escalates when one night the boys make their way into Jakob's room and bully Borschwitz lights Jakob's mother's car on fire. Fabian can no longer repress his attachment to Jakob and confronts his friends - perhaps too late.


Country: Germany
Language: German
Director: Christin Freitag
Cast: Johannes Gäde, Tilman Pörzgen, Jan-David Bürger
Awards: Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan 2014, Warsaw International Film Festival 2013, Berlin Short Film Festival 2013


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