Brothers Episode 1 (4 in total) - 1/4 - Series - GagaOOLala - Find Your Story

Brothers Episode 1 (4 in total)
Gay Lesbian Coming Out Family Romance Sexually Explicit Latin America First Episode for Free

Brothers Episode 1 (4 in total) 1/4

Hermanos Episode 1 (4 in total)

18+ Restricted Exclusive
25m Chile 2013


Brothers tells the story of Ricardo, a young man who is about to marry and be a father, but he begins to rethink his sexuality when he meets Daniel, who has just arrived in Chile to search for his biological mother. Magdalena, Ricardo’s conservative mother, insists that Ricardo continues with his project of life and will do everything possible to keep away whoever wants to divert him from his path. However, mistakes from the past is about to return to this family.


Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Director: Cristian Riquelme Ripoll
Cast: Maria Olga Matte, Gonzalo Bustos, Alejandro Leon

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