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Teenage Boy Queer Shorts
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Teenage Boy Queer Shorts


1h19m Denmark/UK/France/Chile/Switzerland/Germany


GagaOOLala’s exclusive “Teenage Boy Queer Shorts: Vol. 1” makes you feel the thrills and sorrows from your youth all over again. Two close classmates fall in love with each other but fear for it in “An Afternoon;” a Chinese boys can’t hide his desire for a white good friend in “Summer;” an introverted boy is mocked but gets a positive response from the boy who he has a crush on in “Holiday Camp;” a teenage leader of his gang who pretends to be manly has a secret lover in “Omar;” a boy who likes to put on makeup is caught by his masculine dad in “All Over Brazil;” a boy admires the big brother lives in the building across from him in “Blocks;” two boys with different nationality have their first intimate contact in a building with a cruel history.


Country: Denmark, UK, France, Chile, Switzerland, Germany
Language: Danish, English, French, Spanish, German
Director: Soren Green etc.
Cast: Ulrik Windfeldt-Schmidt, Jacob Ottensten
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2006 (Summer), Cannes Film Festival 2010 (Blocks), New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2012 - Audience Award for Best Short (Prora)

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