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Berlinale Teddy Award Queer Shorts: Vol. 1
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Berlinale Teddy Award Queer Shorts: Vol. 1


18+ Restricted
1h10m UK/Australia/Spain/Cambodia/Germany


GagaOOLala’s exclusive “Berlinale Teddy Award Queer Shorts” collects the winning and selected shorts by Teddy Award of Berlin International Film Festival in recent years. A young man meets an older guy and enters the dangerous zone of desire for the first time in “Spring;” can the love of the teenagers in a prison can have a good outcome in “The Wilding?” The unspeakable secret of a boy is going to be exposed after he looks at a naked man in “On the Roof;” the little girl wishes to put on a handsome Easter hat and attract the girl of her dreams in “Take Your Partner;” a lesbian couple’s love can’t be stopped, not even by the Khmer Rouge terror in “Two Girls Against the Rain;” a break factory female worker who has no clue and gets fired runs into an unexpected luck in the Teddy Award winning short “Sticky Dough.”


Director: Hong Khaou etc.
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2000 - Teddy Award for Best Short Film, Panorama Award of the New York Film Academy (Sticky Dough), Berlin International Film Festival 2012 (The Wilding), Berlin International Film Festival 2016 (On the Roof, Take Your Partner),

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