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Women in Love Queer Shorts
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Women in Love Queer Shorts


1h56m Taiwan/UK/Switzerland/Denmark/USA/Australia


GagaOOLala’s exclusive “Women in Life Queer Shorts” shows the kind of love especially for women in every corner of the world. Taiwan films “Between Us,” “Yu and Rachel” and “Days Apart” seek the way out in each other’s difficulties in love; “Dream Date” turns a sexy private date into something unexpected; “Hi Maya” features the long lost love that has never gone away; “Hide Your Eyes” exams if two persons can get back together after the fact is made clear; “Keepsake” feels the courage her partner can provide when she faces her dying father; “For Her” proves the true feeling that she can’t fight against when she tries to repress it; “Plunge” reveals the mystery inside a couple’s leisure break.


Director: Ping-Wen Wang etc.
Awards: Boston LGBT Film Festival 2014 (Between Us), Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2015 - NewQu Award (Yu and Rachel), Berlin International Film Festival 2005 - Panorama Audience Award for Best Short Film, Prix UIP Berlin (European Short Film) (Hi Maya)

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