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Pink Halo-Halo
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Pink Halo-Halo

Pink Halo-Halo

1h18m Philippines 2010


Natoy is just like any other child. He finds joy and excitement in the simplest of things — especially in eating halo-halo filled with pink gelatin and red sago at the local halo-halo store owned by his godmother, Bing; and playing with his uncle, Mating. Things change suddenly when, as he and his mother Sonia are watching television, a news report about the ongoing war in Mindanao (southern part of the Philippines) shows footage of a badly wounded soldier waiting for rescue. That soldier — almost bleeding to death, is his father, Corporal Lino Bolante. As far away as the war, this story does not just show how the war in Mindanao robs a child of his innocence, but also shows the shadows of the wars that Filipino homes confront everyday.


Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino
Director: Joselito Altarejos
Awards: Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2010 - Best Editing, Hawaii Filipino Film Festival 2010

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