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Gay Romance Sexually Explicit North America



18+ Restricted Exclusive
1h35m USA 2010


A routine trick propels a tall, dark, cynical hustler into a series of life-changing encounters in this stunningly photographed drama. But this amicable and sexually efficient rent boy begins to look at himself differently when he finds himself lost in a maze-like apartment building. On his journey through the building, he tricks with a variety of johns; sex is the commonality, but out of that commodity comes raw, unguarded emotions for all. Witty, sexy and touching, Strapped is an unforgettable look into one young man's moving journey to understanding.


Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Joseph Graham
Cast: Ben Bonenfant, Artem Mishin, Carlo D'Amore
Awards: FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival 2011 - Outstanding Emerging Talent (Actor), Philadelphia Q Fest 2010


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