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Make Up
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Make Up


1h54m Taiwan 2011


Quiet, introverted mortuary cosmetician Min-Hsiu floats through her life and her job at a funeral home even more like a ghost than the corpses she carefully paints and powders into a semblance of life. She has found peace working amongst the dead, a peace that she has difficulty finding with the living. This strange equilibrium is disrupted when she receives the body of her high school music teacher, Chen Ting, listed on the death report as a suicide. The film gradually reveals her relationship with the deceased to be the deepest and most important of her adolescence, and it leaves her with one anguished question: how did the love of her life wind up committing suicide?

"Boasting exquisite cinematography and solid acting from a well-chosen cast."-Ho Yi, Taipei Times


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Lien Yi-chi
Awards: Taipei Film Festival 2011 - Taipei Film Award for Best Actress, Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival 2011 - Opening Film, Tokyo International Film Festival 2011

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