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The Wedding Banquet
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The Wedding Banquet


1h42m Taiwan/USA 1993


Wei-Tung who settles down in the US has been keeping a secret of being gay from his parents in Taiwan and is in a stable relationship with his white boyfriend Simon. He has to put up with being rushed to get married constantly by his parents. Simon comes up with an idea which is that he can get a fake marriage with his tenant - a female painter Wei-Wei from Shanghai who is an illegal immigrant and has feelings for Wei-Tung. This plan seems seamless, but they had never imagined that it would immediately bring Wei-Tung's overjoyed parents to New York to celebrate it with them. The three of them have to put on a ridiculous show, and it even leads to a wedding banquet that gets out of control. The unexpected outcome challenges their relationship and friendship, and it put Wei-Tung in the greatest stress that he has ever been in. How can he take care of this whole mess? Should he ever come out to his conservative parents? As two-time Academy Award winner for Best Directing Ang Lee's second feature film, the gay classic “The Wedding Banquet” won him his first Golden Bear Award at Berlin International Film Festival and is his first film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.


Country: TaiwanUSA
Language: MandarinEnglish
Director: Ang Lee
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 1993 - Golden Bear for Best Film, Academy Awards 1994 - Best Foreign Language Film Nomination, Golden Horse Awards 1993 - 5 Awards including Best Feature Film

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