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Lesbian Family Romance Youth Latin America



1h28m Argentina 2014


Argentina 1987. It is a hot summer day and a long awaited storm is slowly approaching town. Lucia and her sister Elena are alone. Elena’s friends are fighting the heat at the local swimming pool where gossip is the major sport. Elena joins Ignacio, a doctor that twice her age. Lucia, meanwhile, meets Ana, a friend of his sister and together go to the outskirts. The two sisters live an afternoon of initiation. Lucia and Elena are left to their own desires. A desire that begins and ends in that stormy afternoon, and nothing will be the same for them.


Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Director: Inés María Barrionuevo
Cast: Melisa Romero, Florencia Decall, Sol Zavala
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2014, Queer Lisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema Queer 2014 - Special Mention, Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards 2015 - Best First Film Nomination

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