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Gay Romance Sexually Explicit North America



18+ Restricted Exclusive
1h38m USA 2016


Handsome businessman Jonathan has returned to San Francisco with a mission. He’s on the hunt for a brunette who is “rough around the edges,” temperamental, and scented with just the right cologne. Cruising the streets of the city, he finds what he’s looking for in a flirtatious young hustler, and a bold proposition is made: If this young man agrees to accompany Jonathan on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, he’ll get double his nightly rate, plus $1,000. But, there’s a catch: He has to role-play as someone named “Brandon” for the full ride. Eager to leave his life on the streets, he says yes, and an amorous game of manipulation and obsession commences.


Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Nick Corporon
Cast: Tuc Watkins, Devon Graye, Andrew Asper
Awards: Frameline Film Festival 2016


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