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Small Talk
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Small Talk


1h29m Taiwan 2016


My mother and I live in the same space. But we are like strangers. Our only exchange is the food she makes for me. No hellos, no goodbyes, and no “I love you.”

I know beneath the deafening silence lies a secret that weighs heavily on her, keeping her from speaking; knowing that behind her tightly pursed lips is a shame so overbearing that it suffocates her.

One day, I summon up the courage to sit her down and make her talk. But am I ready to hear what she has to say? Are we ready to face what’s been buried for so long?


Country: Taiwan
Language: MandarinMin Nan
Director: Huang Hui-chen
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 1987 - Teddy Award for Best Documentary/Essay Film, Golden Horse Awards 2016 - Best Documentary Film, Best Editing Nominations, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2016 - Audience's Voting Chart No. 2, Academy Awards 2018 - Foreign Language Film Taiwan Entry

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