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Home: Love, Happiness, Remembrance
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Home: Love, Happiness, Remembrance

โฮม: ความรัก ความสุข ความทรงจำ

2h7m Thailand 2012


Set in Chiang Mai, the film consists of three continuous segments, each focusing on a group of characters whose relationships are revealed in the third segment. In the first segment, recent secondary school graduate Nay is taking photographs of his school campus at night when he meets a younger student acquaintance, Beam. The two talk about their experiences, relationships and plans for the future, but have to part as morning comes. The second segment tells the story of widow Buajan, who continues to find notes left by her late husband, which keep her bonded to his memory but also prevents her from moving on. The last segment centres on the wedding of Chiang Mai native Preeya and Leng, a businessman from Phuket. Problems arise on the wedding day after Preeya has an encounter with her ex-boyfriend Pek, although she is supported by her aunt and brother.


Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Awards: Thailand National Film Association Awards 2013 - Best Picture, Best Director, Thailand National Film Association Awards 2013 - 7 Nominations Including Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor

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