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Comedy Queer Shorts
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Comedy Queer Shorts


18+ Restricted
1h38m Ireland/Romania/Mexico/France/Spain/USA/UK


GagaOOLala’s exclusive “Comedy Queer Shorts: Vol. 1”takes you into the lives of queer and laugh out loud until you cry. Fuzzy bear owner and scruffy cake maker start a match for a delicious cake in “Barry's Bespoke Bakery;” a guy goes to a birthday party and does whatever it takes to get his lover back in “A Night in Tokoriki;” a woman who is forced to take care of her niece meets unexpected love interests in “Smuack;” Fusion Man whose romantic dinner with boyfriend is interrupted has to save a young gay man who is forced to the edge by the evil villain in “The Incredible Adventures of Fusion Man;” an animated man speaks out all the downsides in his life in “Unanimated;” a girl who wants to prove herself straight just can’t get it on in “For Her;” a picky guy is surrounded by walking dead and finds himself in love with an impossible dude in “Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale.”


Director: Denis McArdle etc.
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2016 - Special Prize of the Generation 14plus International Jury - Best Short Film (A Night in Tokoriki), Elche International Independent Film Festival 2013 - Best Short Film Animation (Unanimated), Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2014 (Barry's Bespoke Bakery)

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