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Bad Boy Street
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Bad Boy Street

Bad Boy Street

18+ Restricted
1h20m USA 2012


Frenchman Claude had a bad relationship in USA ages ago; that's why he came back to France. One early dawn as he is walking towards his home, he sees a drunken American lying on the pavement. Claude takes him to his home because there was no way to identify the Young American. When they have a chance to talk, the young American's name is Brad. That chance meeting leads to their relationship but Brad seems an enigma, seeming aloof even to Claude's BFF Catherine. Things get worse on the day of Claude's birthday, when a group of friends surprise him at his home; one recognizes Brad. Will Claude and Brad have the chance for a long term relationship?


Country: USA
Language: English, French
Director: Todd Verow
Cast: Yann de Monterno, Florence d' Azemar, Kevin Miranda
Awards: QFest Philadelphia 2012, Buenos Aires Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2013, Madrid Gay and Lesbian Film Festival


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