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I'm a Pornstar
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Gay Sexually Explicit North America

I'm a Pornstar

I'm a Pornstar

18+ Restricted Exclusive
1h20m Canada/USA 2013


I'm a Porn Star follows the lives of guys in the neighborhood who are likely a lot more famous than you - at least on the Internet. There are an estimated 370 million pornographic websites online. Porn is now a thirteen BILLION dollar business. So who's doing all this moonlighting? Turns out -- probably some people you know.


Country: Canada, USA
Language: English
Director: Charlie David
Cast: Brent Everett, Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid
Awards: Out Takes: A Reel Queer Film Festival 2014, Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2013, Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2014


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