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Man for a Day
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Man for a Day

Man for a Day

59m Germany/UK/Finland 2012


The worldwide stage appearances and workshops of the gender activist and performance artist Diane Torr, are legendary. For the past thirty years, the focus of this performance artist's work has been an exploration of the theoretical, artistic as well as the practical aspect of gender identity. Katarina Peters casted and observed a Berlin workshop taught by Diane Torr, in which a group of open-minded women came together to discover the secrets of masculinity. What makes a man a man and a woman a woman? Precisely when and where is gender identity formatted? How much is nature and how much nurture?


Country: GermanyUKFinland
Director: Katarina Peters
Cast: Diane Torr
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2012, Belgrade Queer Film Festival 2013, Tempo Documentary Festival 2013

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