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We Were Here
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Gay Lesbian AIDS and HIV Discrimination Human Rights North America

We Were Here

We Were Here

1h30m USA 2011


We Were Here' is the first film to take a deep and reflective look back at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco, and how the City's inhabitants dealt with that unprecedented calamity. It explores what was not so easy to discern in the midst of it all - the parallel histories of suffering and loss, and of community coalescence and empowerment. Though this is a San Francisco based story, the issues it addresses extend not only beyond San Francisco but also beyond AIDS itself. 'We Were Here' speaks to our societal relationship to death and illness, our capacity as individuals to rise to the occasion, and the importance of community in addressing unimaginable crises.


Country: USA
Language: English
Director: David Weissman, Bill Weber
Actor: Ed Wolf, Daniel Goldstein, Guy Clark
Awards: Urban Nomad Film Festival 2012, Film Independent Spirit Awards 2012 - Best Documentary Nomination, Sundance Film Festival 2011, Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) 2012 - Documentary of the Year


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