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I Dreamt Under the Water
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Gay Bisexual Romance Sexually Explicit Europe

I Dreamt Under the Water

J'ai rêvé sous l'eau

18+ Restricted Exclusive
1h43m France 2008


20-years-old Antonin is secretly in love with Alex his best friend. After Alex's brutal death, Antonin succumbs to an overwhelming sexuality that leads him into prostitution. One day, he meets Juliette. It is love at first sight, but a drug issue starts to interfere between them. After some happy weeks, the young woman decides to run away. Close to despair, Antonin finally finds comfort in the arms of Baptiste, one of his former clients, while Juliette remains in his heart.


Country: France
Language: French, English
Director: Hormoz
Actor: Hubert Benhamdine, Caroline Ducey, Christine Boisson
Awards: Febiofest Prague International Film Festival 2009


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