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Love in the Time of Civil War
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Love in the Time of Civil War

L'Amour au temps de la guerre civile

18+ Restricted
2h Canada 2014


Alex, a young addict who still nurtures a few dreams, sells his body in Montréal's Centre-Sud district. He’s flanked by Bruno, Simon, Jeanne, Éric and Velma, all of them caught in the same spiral of compulsion. Marginalized by society yet hostage to its market logic, they are the fallen angels of a dark and violent time. From one fix to the next, desire becomes a life raft, a port in the storm as their bodies, exultant, seek to avenge the humiliation to which they are condemned. They live and love, restless vagrants in the shadows of society’s comfort and indifference.

"A fully committed lead performance anchors intentionally repetitive scenes."-Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter


Country: Canada
Language: FrenchEnglish
Director: Rodrigue Jean
Awards: Toronto International Film Festival 2014, Chéries-Chéris Film Festival Paris 2014, Festival du nouveau cinéma 2014

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