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18+ Restricted
1h20m UK 2015


Rotten Tomatoes 95% high rating!

A shorthand term made popular by gay men in recent years for the use of drugs (specifically crystal meth, GHB and mephedrone) in a sexual context, ‘chemsex’ has been seen by some as a significant contributing factor in the rise of HIV diagnoses in London. Often referring to group sex that can last several days, with one or more of the specified drugs used to free inhibition and enhance libido, the trend is argued to be fuelled by the growing use of online apps as a means of sexual hook ups. In this unflinching documentary, we meet a host of men whose lives have been affected, from self-confessed ‘slammers’ to sexual health workers, each of whom talk candidly about the pleasures and perils associated with the scene. Much more than just a sensationalist exposé on a small portion of London’s gay community, this powerful and often graphic film offers a vital insight into a potent and potentially destructive issue.

"A bleak, disturbing and unforgettably frank portrait of a subculture on the edge."-Tom Huddleston, Time Out


Country: UK
Language: English
Awards: Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2016, BFI London Film Festival 2015, Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2016, Guadalajara International Film Festival 2016

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